Services Offered:

Within our workshop we offer a professional and high quality range of antique restoration and antique conservation services to repair or change your favorite furniture. We can correct the smallest scratch, watermark or undertake a complete build and restoration. Our services include repairs and restoration to antique and modern furniture. 
 - Moving damage
 - Stains, water rings
 - Floor repairs, staircases, handrails and wood paneling
  - Furniture enhancements
 - Color change (chairs, tables, etc.)
 - Color matching to existing furniture
 - Finest quality reproduction fittings; hinges, handles, locks and escutcheons.

If you are not sure if we can help, please contact us for friendly advice.

Furniture Restoration
We take pleasure in spending our time and skills to return treasured pieces of antique furniture back to their former glory. If your precious furniture has a problem with its finish - stains, scratches, flaking, water damage, fire damage, peeling or missing veneer, etc. we will be able to restore and refinish it. We are specialists in stripping old finishes from furniture and re-applying a suitable finish to restore your antique furniture to a pristine condition. Estimates are provided free of charge and most pieces can usually be collected, taken to our workshop and returned within ten working days.

Today's French polishes are more durable than our ancestors could have believed. Sprayed lacquers offer a whole range of tough finishes that can be packed and delivered within hours of completion. Wax is still appropriate in many cases. We use a range of traditional and modern techniques to produce the finest quality finishes, these include:
 - Traditional French polishing
 - Hand applied shellac finishes
 - Wax polish
 - Lacquer finishes
 - Water based and spirit staining
 - Color washes
 - Limed oak finishes
 - Oil finishes

Cabinet Making
We offer a full range of cabinet making skills including structural repairing, kitchen and bath refinishing,matching and repairing of veneers, marquetry work and repairs, wood carving, kitchen refacing,wood turning. We only use traditional techniques with a selection of quality period timbers and veneers. We can also copy and repair original carvings and turnings to replace missing parts, missing veneers, moldings, legs or feet replaced in keeping with the original.


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